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Monday, November 4, 2013

Malaysia's Top 10 Trending Searches on Google

Publication: NST
Date of publication: Nov 4, 2013
Section heading: Life & Times
Page number: 002

Week: Oct 25-31, 2013

1. Ng Yuk Tim

The murder case of this 15-year-old Cosplay enthusiast came under intense media and public scrutiny.

2. UEFA Champions League

European Football's governing body has charged CSKA Moscow after racist abuse by the club's fans.

3. Budget 2014

Malaysians eagerly followed the national budget tabling by the Prime Minister on Oct 25.

4. GST

One of the main announcements of Budget 2014 was that the Goods And Services Tax (GST) will be introduced April 1, 2015.

5. myIdentity

The centralised system allows all government agencies access to personal details of Malaysians.

7. Bitstrips

An application that allows you to create avatars of yourself in a comic form is gaining popularity.

8. Odd Thomas

A supernatural thriller based on the Deen Koontz novel starring Willem Dafoe, Anton Yelchin and Addison Timlin (pic) opened in Malaysian cinemas Oct 24.

9. Highland Tower

A horror movie set at the site of the 1993 apartment building collapse, opened in cinemas on Oct 31.

10. Diana Amir

The Raja Lawak actress tied the knot with Mohd Habib Bullah A. Rahman on Oct 26.

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