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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Budget 2014: Netizens hopeful

Published: Friday October 25, 2013 MYT 3:57:00 PM 
Updated: Friday October 25, 2013 MYT 4:24:20 PM

PETALING JAYA: Help the middle class and stop raising prices, cried netizens ahead of Budget 2014's tabling in Parliament Friday.

Via the #MyBudget2014 hashtag, Twitter users expressed their hopes for next year's federal budget even as the clock ticked down to its announcement at 4pm.

Housing concerns were a consistent theme in the tweets.

Tweeter @KlangCity called for “affordable homes for low and middle income earners”, while @syukosalehan asked for a decrease in house prices and “low tax for freshies.”

@siowhou tweeted: “Lower down property prices, give grants to PT operator, tax incentive and environmental package #MyBudget2014

@SiehMann gave a slew of suggestions: “First time buyers get stamp duty exemption for properties not more than RM700k. Increase from previous tier. Foreign property purchasers only able to purchase properties above RM1 million.” 

A thought was also spared for Mother Nature.

@darnman455 called for more focus on green technology, such as hybrid cars tax breaks.

@Energy4Malaysia wished to see improvements on public transport, new initiatives for security, and more energy-conscious actions.

Of great concern to @CharlieChia was the nation’s financial health: “#MyBudget2014 @NajibRazak should focus on cutting the nation's debt, implement GST, higher RPGT and reduce personal & corporate tax.”

High crimes did not escape notice either.

Tweeter @onelargeportion urged the Government to stop increasing the price of “whatever”, and to make Malaysia “more harmony and safe to live in because crimes high lately.” 

Taxes were another sore point for tweeters.

@norakmar67 decried being taxed for bonuses earned because “I was rewarded for my effort and creativity” while @baljessy asked for the increase of EPF and insurance deductions from “present miserable amount.”

@SureshSelvarasa tweeted: “#MyBudget2014 should address middle class group especially affordable home, review taxable income, review GST.”

Also prevalent were youth and sports-related issues.

@syukosalehan asked for less taxes and duties on youths, as “dresh grads income 2k only, own a car is nearly impossible” while @amaliazra asked for “low petrol cost.”

@vin_ann tweeted: “Budget 2014 should gives incentives or whatever tax exemption to sport related industry! Plus we have Ironman Malaysia!”

On the education side, @Mfaiznazir requested the elimination of PTPTN’s “3% and 1% management cost charges”.

@patrickdsg also called for Malaysia’s upcoming budget to be kinder to foreign talent: “I’d like to see Malaysia make it easier for expats to live & work here. 500k for a business is ridiculous.”

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