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Monday, December 23, 2013

Are Malays out of their minds?

December 23, 2013
FMT LETTER: From Hafiz Ahmad, via e-mail

Malays are living in the state of delusion. They cannot differentiate between the real problems happening to them and the delusional ones. I could not understand even in the simplest way why they are so paranoid with liberalism, pluralism, Shiite, Christianity while all these subjects have no effect on their daily lives.

Some of the Malays don’t even understand what liberalism really means and that become such a huge problem to them. If anyone can explains what is the real threat of liberalism in our lives, I would be grateful. Please enlighten me, I’m so confused. They are struggling just to put food in their mouths but they rather pointing their fingers at 9.2% of the Christian population with the claim that its believers are trying to transform our country into a Christian one.

Except for the Vatican, there is no Christian country in this world. Even Italy that that has strong Catholic followers does not claim Italy is a Christian country. Are Malays out of their minds? Muslims consist of 61.3% of this country’s population and Christian, as I mentioned, only 9.2 %. Where is the threat? This issue becomes worse when some religious bigots called Pembina fire up this delusional issue by organising forums to influence Muslims there is a threat from Christian.

I don’t understand this hate campaign against the Christians. I’m a Muslim, probably I’m not a pious one but my religion never taught me to throw baseless clueless-filled hatred and prejudiced allegations without any concrete proof. The Malays are just sucking up all these nonsense by religious bigots and not taking a minute to sit down and use their brains gifted by Allah Almighty to think. All these delusional issues have corrupted Malays mind and robbed their common sense and ability to think.

Latest 2012 monthly household income data that I got from Department of Statistics shows that the Bumiputeras are the poorest in this country with an average monthly income of RM 4,457 followed by Indians which is RM5,233 and Chinese RM6,366. This is the real problem happening to Malays. The current trend of price hikes will further hurt the Malays, not to mention the soon be implemented Good & Services Tax (GST).

The purchasing power of Malays will be reduced drastically. Ironically the ruling party claims they are the Malay champion but implements economic policies that hurt the Malays the most. Again, this is the real problem for Malays, not liberalism or pluralism. Malays should realise that rampant corruption happening in our country is the real threat to them.

Corruptions threatens genuine and honest Malays entrepreneurs, not pluralism. Rising cost of living will threaten their stomachs not liberalism. Malays must also realise that all the delusional problems that is ostensibly a threat to them are deliberately staged as a mask to cover up corruptions, leakages, mismanagement that is bleeding our country. Malays must wake up from delusional dream and face the reality.

The writer is a final year student studying Economics at Universiti Malaya (UM)

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