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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WAY TOO MUCH! GST awareness campaign will cost RM365 million

The unpopular goods and services tax (GST) will take RM365 million from public coffer to get it running by April next year.

The figure was provided by Finance Ministry in a parliamentary reply to Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad yesterday.

Breaking down the RM365 million, RM17 million is allocated to promote GST awareness campaign, RM100 million for business operators and the biggest chunk RM250 million will be spent on a computer system and new software.

Khalid blasted the government questioning the logic to utilise such huge funding to implement a system that would burden the people in the end.

“Before anything, the government has to carry a burden of RM365 million to implement GST. The people’s money is just to add burden to the people.

They said GST is good because (the people) do not need to pay more. This is like campaigning that the medicine is good because you don’t need the medicine. This is misleading,” jibed the PAS central committee member. -Harakahdaily

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